Family Therapy


~Family Therapy~

Many individuals who have families are often looking to be understood and more fully accepted.  Family counseling often becomes an option when an individual in therapy recognizes a need to invite other family members (such as siblings, parents or multi-generational family members) into a dialogue to improve their relationships.  Often they would like to improve their communication with less blaming, angry outbursts and defensiveness.  They may need to heal old resentments and guilt or jealousy that inhibits more fun, connection and time spent together as family.  This often includes more recognition and allowance for individual differences, needs and roles in the family. A family therapist can help with this.

During family counseling there are times I suggest an individual ask their partner, parent, or child(ren) to come to a session(s) to increase understanding between them, resolve a conflict or heal an old rift.  My focus as a family counselor is to help each person be heard, to remain objective and support the process of honest and constructive communication.  My job is to help define the goals and then to moderate with thoughtful focus and assist all the people in the room to move toward greater satisfaction in their family relations.