Darla Romano, MFT


picture of a woman in therapy

~Individual Therapy~

Individual therapy provides an opportunity to be heard deeply with compassion and intelligence.  It provides an accepting environment to address whatever is troubling you; worry and stress, compulsive habits, feeling inadequate or grieving a loss. Many people are looking to have more satisfaction in their work or relationships. Learning tools to enhance communication and negotiating may be helpful. Others feel "stuck" in life, depressed, frustrated, unable to make new choices. Most individuals feel they are ready to deepen an understanding of who they are and allow new room for growth and authenticity.  

It takes courage to make the choice to find a therapist; making an appointment in face of uncertainty. We will discuss what you are seeking from therapy so we create a tangible focus for our work. My goal is to understand your difficulties and desires and to help you discover the deeper truth, clarity, freedom and joy that lives within you.